This section describes the changes that have occurred in each version of the program. For the complete list check the ver_history.txt document located in the docs directory of your NW's RO ClientInfo Generator installation. (If you have installed it)

Changes made on 12/01/2010:

  • nwOpenClientInfoGM() changed to use our new INI in the application data. [Nightwolf]
  • fcUpdate fixed to use our new INI in the application data. [Nightwolf]
  • Multiple Loading screens should now load correctly. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 11/01/2010:

  • Incremented revision number to 259, up from 255. [Nightwolf]
  • nwEverythingReadOnlyAID() Has been fixed to add support for id 13 and 14. [Nightwolf]
  • New INI setting: replaceAidWithYellow, This will replace aid sections with yellow sections if set to true. Default is false. [Nightwolf]
  • nwInitialStuff() now includes the ability to recreate the INI setting replaceAidWithYellow in addition to previous settings. [Nightwolf]
  • Bugfixes: B003, B005 and B012. These were fixed earlier, but not added to changelog. [Nightwolf]
  • Program now generates server 2&3 aid and loading screen sections, but cannot yet load them. [Nightwolf]
  • Removed some obsolete code from fcMain that was referencing the old log file. [Nightwolf]
  • Added to the new clientinfo defaults. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 10/01/2010:

  • Updated to use the new NW.Framework library, with improved update xml support. [Nightwolf]
  • Added a few new variables and properties to the update checker dialog. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 08/01/2010:

  • Removed the registry setting creation function, as it wasn't being used and since I prefer my ini files. [Nightwolf]
  • Program should properly obey the 'enableDebugLog' INI setting. [Nightwolf]
  • Dev: Made some attempts to make the source code more readable. [Nightwolf]
  • Fixed a few typos in the error dialog. [Nightwolf]
  • Fixed a bug in the error dialog causing the form to load a blank webpage. [Nightwolf]
  • Fixed a few issues with the log and ini files to make them more friendly toward Windows XP, Vista and 7. [Nightwolf]
  • Most of the help files, as well as the guide have been updated to latest version. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 05/01/2010:

  • Bug Fix: Options dialog crashing on loading, caused by a bad ini setting. [Nightwolf]
  • Loading more than one admin id and loadscreen image is now available in the program again. [Nightwolf]
  • Updated revision by 10 and changed release type to RELEASE_CANDIDATE. [Nightwolf]
  • Files are now saved in a new folder in the Application Data: Nytewolf_Creations\ClientInfo. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 04/01/2010:

  • New feature: We now save the path of the last saved (s)clientinfo.xml, to prevent a bug. [Nightwolf]
  • New INI setting: lastXmlFilePath. This has no default setting, but is set when you open or save a (s)clientinfo.xml. [Nightwolf]
  • Bug Fix: Loading screens not saving in correct location, causing errors to occur when loading clientinfo. Fixed. [Nightwolf]
  • Bug Fix: Loading screen #10 not saving correctly. [Nightwolf]
  • Bug Fix: Admin IDs #11 - 14 not saving correctly. [Nightwolf]
  • Bug Fix: nwCreateNewDocument() not creating in correct sclientinfo format. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 03/01/2010:

  • Fixed an issue with the help file not being found. [Nightwolf]
  • Fixed an issue with several files not being shown correctly. [Nightwolf]
  • Partially reverted some more funtionality, after more errors showed their ugly head. [Nightwolf]
  • Added some clarification to the about boxes description box. [Nightwolf]
  • Fixed a few typos throughout the program. [Nightwolf]
  • Added licensing information headers to more files that were missing them. [Nightwolf]
  • Added new 'Actions' frame to the taskpane with common actions. These actions automatically map to the currently active mode. [Nightwolf]
  • Some menu items have been merged to reflect the funtionality of the actions frame.

Changes made on 02/01/2010:

  • c_ini.cs has been removed in favour of similar functionality in the NW Framework libraries. [Nightwolf]
  • Partial revert of GRF/GPF funtionality. [Nightwolf]
  • Help file version increased to 168. Some files still need work. [Nightwolf]
  • New default packet version ini setting (defaultPacketVersion) [Nightwolf]
  • Ability to change default packet version added to options dialog. [Nightwolf]
  • nwrocig icon now includes a 64x64 and 96x96 version, for windows vista & 7's high resolutions. [Nightwolf]
  • Fixed an issue with the admin amount numeric textbox not correctly showing/hiding the admin id boxes. [Nightwolf]
  • Fixed an issue with the loading screen numeric textbox not correctly showing/hiding the loading screen filename boxes. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 26/12/2009:

  • (Experimental) It is now possible to create a Gravity Patch File with the program. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 24/12/2009:

  • Loading screen upper limit increased to 10, up from 9. [Nightwolf]
  • Admin ID upper limit increased to 15, up from 12. [Nightwolf]
  • Added some more functionality to the GRF IO library, still does not work though. [Nightwolf]
  • Added Server 2 and 3 aid and loading functionality. [Nightwolf]
  • Added more options to the options dialog, to match similar functionality in latest versions of my programs. [Nightwolf]
  • Added licensing information to code files that were missing them. [Nightwolf]
  • Fixed a few more typos. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 23/12/2009:

  • Fixes to the update checker. [Nightwolf]
  • Fixes to the donation buttons. [Nightwolf]
  • Dev: Corrected the update checker information on the server. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 21/12/2009:

  • The guide has been updated to the latest version of the program. [Nightwolf]
  • The setup script now includes the ability to write some data to the INI. [Nightwolf]
  • Tooltips have been updated for the latest version, and new ones added. [Nightwolf]
  • The program now saves log files to users application data by default. [Nightwolf]
  • Program now correctly saves to the logfile on Windows Vista, 7 and Server 2008) [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 19/12/2009:

  • Removed the old nw_codebox control from program resources. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 18/12/2009:

  • Support for Windows 98 and ME have been dropped. That's not to say the program doesn't work, just to say that I don't think many people use Windows 98 & ME anymore. [Nightwolf]
  • 2 more admin id text boxes added to the program. [Nightwolf]
  • Added some notes regarding ports. [Nightwolf]
  • Fixed some issues involving missing tooltips. [Nightwolf]
  • Character limits on some text boxes have been reduced to 255 characters to prevent errors from occuring. [Nightwolf]
  • Admin ID text box character limits have been decreased to 8 characters, down from 11. FYI, It should reall be 6, but I need space for the Acc. ID# bit. [Nightwolf]
  • ClientInfo printing (from the preview box) for backup purposes is now re-enabled. [Nightwolf]
  • The buttons for previewing and generating a sclientinfo have been removed, these options can be accessed via the menu. [Nightwolf]
  • The file menu option 'Generate ClientInfo' has been moved to the 'Build' menu. [Nightwolf]
  • There is a new option in the file menu, 'New ClientInfo', which creates a new clientinfo doc without you having to close and reopen the program (this should have been done earlier) [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 16/12/2009:

  • Fixed the XML Reference link on the task pane. [Nightwolf]
  • Made a few changes to the guide and extended certain things. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 14/12/2009:

  • Fixed some issues that were a result of the merge. [Nightwolf]
  • The main form should now properly create a default document. The document may require additional editing, however. [Nightwolf]
  • Fixed an issue that cased a second xml declaration to appear in a loaded xml document. [Nightwolf]
  • All of the old links to XML Editor in the tools menu have been removed. [Nightwolf]
  • XML documents created with the old ROCIE tool and saved with the new combined tool should be able to load correctly, due to adding code from the generator to those old commands. [Nightwolf]
  • The 'save' and 'save as' dialog boxes now no longer appear to save twice. [Nightwolf]
  • Code highlighting is now disabled pending an investigation as to the cause of a glitch that causes some words to be highlighted, while others are not. [Nightwolf]
  • Fixed an issue with the setup program not being able to find the correct files during setup. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 13/12/2009:

  • moved several forms from the old xml editor to the generator. [Nightwolf]
  • Options dialog has been redesigned and includes some new options. [Nightwolf]
  • Options dialog now includes the old options that the XML Editor options dialog had. [Nightwolf]
  • Main form has been redesigned to include the ability to switch between the xml editor and the generator.
  • Added three new INI settings which map to the 3 new options dialog settings. [Nightwolf]
  • Merged some features from the seperate XML editor to the new xml editor. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 11/12/2009:

  • Removed references to the old geocities website, as it has closed down. [Nightwolf]
  • updversion ini setting removed as it is a duplicated feature used in the XML update checker, v2.3. [Nightwolf]
  • The XML update checker has been updated to version 2.3 (server-side still needs work) [Nightwolf]
  • GPL, readme and version history moved to 'docs' folder. [Nightwolf]
  • Bugfix: An error that occured when loading the main form has been fixed (the error was an incorrect path to the log file) [Nightwolf]
  • Fixed some code that was pointing to the wrong INI settings. [Nightwolf]
  • Fixed a few typos in tooltips program wide. [Nightwolf]
  • Dev: Program prereqs are now in the 'prereqs' folder in the solution folder. [Nightwolf]
  • Dev: Preliminary work started on updating the rocig guides and help files for 2009 and rocig beta 3. [Nightwolf]
  • Dev: Guide has been fixed, some of the credits went AWOL in the last upload. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 30/07/2009:

  • BugFix: Update check functionality. [Nightwolf]
  • BugFix: An error that prevented a form from showing. [Nightwolf]
  • Added About box design from my other programs. [Nightwolf]
  • Added donation menu option to help menu. [Nightwolf]
  • Added images to certain menu options. [Nightwolf]
  • Added developer workspace link to help menu. [Nightwolf]
  • Added new INI setting: updateUrl, for the updates feature. [Nightwolf]
  • Added new INI setting: installPath, the installation path. [Nightwolf]
  • Added new INI setting: installType, the type of installation. Not for end users, may be requested by support staff. [Nightwolf]
  • Added new INI setting: installVersion, the installed version. Not for end users, may be requested by support staff. [Nightwolf]
  • Added new INI setting: updVersion, the latest version, as pulled from the website. Not fully implemented. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 29/07/2009:

  • Now uses the NW.Framework Shared and UI libraries, rather than the previously used ones. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 27/06/2009:

  • Added update check functionality from my other project. [Nightwolf]
  • Fixed FormatExceptions that occured when the options were loaded and closed. [Nightwolf]
  • Fixed FormatExceptIons that occured when the clientinfo documents were generated or previewed. [Nightwolf]
  • Updated all references to nwrocig to nwrocig2 that hadn't already been updated.. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 29/08/2008:

  • Unused dependancies have been removed, where possible. [Nightwolf]
  • A bug in the options dialog has been fixed. [Nightwolf]
  • Code changes in the options dialog have been reverted to v218. [Nightwolf]
  • A bug in the about box has been fixed. [Lance]
  • Incorrect dates have been fixed. [Nightwolf]
  • A few typos have been fixed throughout the program. [Lance]

Changes made on 11/04/2008:

  • fc_browser has been redesigned. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 17/02/2008:

  • Added more helpful tooltips to various features. [Nightwolf]
  • Added new class: fc_browser. [Nightwolf]
  • Updated the service type code for the new RO servers. Also removed some older ones. [Nightwolf]

== 2008 CODE RESTART ==

Changes made on 12/01/2006:

  • Now checks to see that nwrocig2.ini exists before any INI editing/reading will occur. [Nightwolf]
  • The load ClientInfo file menu item has been added. [Nightwolf]
  • A few bugs have been fixed. [Nightwolf]

Changes made on 10/01/2006:

  • A new Build menu has been added. [Nightwolf]
  • A new option to Pack a ClientInfo inside a GPF has been added. Though it isn't fully implemented yet. [Nightwolf]